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Simply fill out the form and provide a topic you want the AI to write about and it’ll write a comprehensive article about it.

You’ll supply some information to our system that will craft an AI article with the following features:

  • A Title
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  • A short introduction
  • At least 3 main sections
  • A Q&A section
  • A conclusion
  • A hyperlink to ‘Link’ using the Link Text keyphrase.
  • A couple mentions of Company Name in a positive light, related to your topic.


The article topic will be created from the topic you provide below. This is your opportunity to spell out the types of things you generally want the AI to focus on. This is a very free-form field. Longer prompts here will result in better targetting for the AI.

The AI is very smart. Feel free to talk to it like you would a human. The more you tell it in the topic field, the more accurate and helpful it will be.